Welcome to The Self Care Space

A place to heal, grow, and explore.

63 cents per day to start creating the woman you've always wanted to be.

To heal from traumas, to learn to love the skin you’re in, to develop confidence within yourself, and to finally step into your power.

So many years of our lives were spent feeling broken. Therapy was incredibly expensive..and if we did find a therapist it was hard to find one to connect with.

We spent thousands of dollars on different healing practices, life coaches, and solutions for getting out of the dark space of mind we were in.

It's time to heal.

This is why The Self Care Space was created, so we could bring all these healing practices that truly work to you at an affordable rate. 

You will take part in weekly programming, live q&as with our expert advisory board, have access to emergency mental health tool boxes, and be able to lean on a strong community for any support you need.

Everything we wish we had, all in one place.

What's Included?

Your monthly membership includes:
  • Self-guided healing program created to simulate 1:1 life coaching
  • New content each week
  • Tools and resources for personal development and growth including coaching and therapy exercises, yoga, meditation, breath work, journal prompts, practical assignments, sound healing, and much more. 
  • Private community feed to connect with other women on their healing journey. 
  • Create a network of friendship and support
  • Exclusive access to expert-curated content from our Advisory Board
  • Private live Q&A sessions
  • Add-on options for group coaching and 1:1 therapy
  • Emergency Toolbox resources for life challenges
  • Accountability & support

It's a program, a community, a mentor, and a support system all in one.


About Us

Searching for a program that works for you can become an exhausting process, and the burden of doing this while suffering can be painstaking. We know exactly how you feel. We have been there, and somewhere in the process, we both decided to put an end to it.

Our mission is to guide women through their darkest moments and help them rediscover their own light. The Self Care Space empowers women to heal their past, grow into the best version of themselves, and explore life with their newfound self-love.

Megan Sherer is a Life Coach & Holistic Wellness expert with a deeply rooted passion for empowering people to feel their absolute best. Here is what she has to say:

"Before Katrina started working with me and diving into her healing journey, she wasn’t sure that it would work for her either. She was skeptical and thought she had tried everything, but that she was just too broken. Honestly, most people feel that way when they come to me. But I promised her that if she gave me some time and committed to keep showing up for herself and the work, then things would change in ways she could never imagine. And I am here now making that exact same promise to you."

Katrina Wright is a Holistic Health Coach with a similar passion for empowering women. Her experience as a student of these practices is part of what shaped the desire for The Self Care Space to be brought to life. And we can't wait for you to have access to these same tools!

Accessibility First:

We have made all of the incredible programming and the community in the Self Care Space available to you at such an affordable rate, because we believe that everyone deserves healing. There should be no barriers or limitations to personal growth, or having access to amazing healers. 

Please note that this program and private community are designed specifically for people who identify as women. We will be providing more mental health support for men in the future as well, so stay tuned for that, but this one is just for the womxn!

Are you ready?

It's your time to heal, grow, and explore with us! Choose your membership option to sign up below. We'll see you in there! 

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